The Insynctive Hub™ a Human Capital and Workflow Platform helps business leaders and services providers develop effective HR businesses through a user friendly platform that provides configured employee management software around personalized business needs.

We deliver partnership programs & superior data management. The Insynctive Hub combines Document Automation and Management, HRIS, Compliance, Benefits Administration, integrations to Payroll, and more, wrapped into a single white-label solution.

Think of the Insynctive Hub as a Zapier for HR services and provides additional best in-class HR products and services to offer customers the flexibility to design unique HR workflows – on top of current third party providers – to solve any particular employee and business needs.

The Insynctive Hub is designed to serve as a platform partner solution for service providers, and a partner in HR innovation to employer groups.

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Industry: Human Resources Services
Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA
Type: For Profit
Phone: (650) 282-3240
Founder: Chip Pettibone, Gary M. Goldstein