Human Capital Management Institute

HCMI (Human Capital Management Institute) believes that there are ways to quantitatively measure human capital just as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) provide a framework to quantitatively measure and report organization financial performance.

The workforce, often referred to as a company’s most valuable asset, should not justbe a period expense on the income statement, but also an asset on the balance sheet. HCMI helps organizations optimize their workforce strategy, and with our deep workforce analytics and workforce planning expertise, enables organizations to make decisions today that drive value tomorrow.

Our mission is to fundamentally change the way organizations make decisions about their workforce. From a past dominated by archaic and unproven conventional wisdom, to one of rigorous data driven analysis and fact based decision making, HCMI seeks to enable organizations to leverage their workforce as a source of transformational value creation, and truly live up to the billing as an organization’s most valuable asset. Our intent is to help organizations build a contextual map for analysis that goes beyond simple measurement and benchmarking to deliver true business intelligence and perspective that professionals within and outside of HR can use to achieve results.

Industry: Human Resources Services
Headquarters: Marina Del Rey, CA
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7146129897
Founder: Jeff Higgins