Enty is a complete solution for the online management of a company.
Our goal is to become the closest friend of a company: starting from incorporation, tax reporting, and proceeding to much more complicated tasks like equity management.

With that in mind, we are ready to provide tailor-made solutions on every step of the development of your business:

Start a new business or open a company in a new jurisdiction
Enty allows individuals to set up a company in the EU online. One form, all the help that a client might need and just a week to start a new company.

Online management and reporting
We believe in bright minds of entrepreneurs, so our service won’t tell you where and how to operate your business but we will help you concentrate strictly on the business side of things. Enty takes care of boring but vital things such as tax reporting, accounting, annual and other reports, communication with government officials, and other paperwork that feeds off your nerves and precious time that you can spend on something useful.

Grow efficiently with minimal costs
If the company reaches an important stage where it needs to attract additional funding, Enty provides one of the most advanced equity management solutions on the market: draw and manage cap table, issue stock options, attract funding, distribute dividends.

Website: https://enty.io/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=smm&utm_campaign=enty-acc
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 79261581153
Founder: Artem Tolkachev, Jane Shmygleva, Kirill Zheleznov