Aera Energy

As a California company, Aera holds the values of Californians: we strive to innovate, we celebrate productivity, and advocate for the preservation of our beautiful state. At Aera, we care about providing energy for California and prosperity for Californians.

Since Aera was founded in 1997, we are proud of our superior safety record. We will continue to lead the way in the safest, most environmentally friendly oil production there is, just like California leads the world in cutting edge technology. We prioritize investment in technologies and processes to ensure we are extracting natural resources in a way that is safe for our communities and the environment.

Aera accounts for about 25% of the state’s oil production. The oil we produce enables millions of Californians to travel to work every day, allows businesses to grow and thrive, and helps California-grown food to arrive at dinner tables.

We live in the communities where we work–Kern, Ventura, Monterey and Fresno counties.

And just like our neighbors’ safety is our safety, their success is also our success. We’re not only proud to support local communities through providing jobs; we’re proud of our partnerships with community organizations and our investments in building stronger neighborhoods and cities together.

Together we can innovate to bring about a clean energy economy, and Aera is committed to keeping California running until we realize that future. California is powered by oil. Aera is powered by safety, innovation and community.

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Industry: Oil and Gas
Headquarters: Bakersfield, CA
Type: For Profit
Phone: 661-665-5000