TimeFlip disrupts time and workflow management market with an ultimately simple and user friendly IoT solution.

As founders of TimeFlip, we had a long experience in contracting and outsourcing all kinds of work: from software development to industrial design, video production, web design, content marketing, accounting, etc. We’ve seen a zooof of time and workflow management software tools in use by our collaborators and tried many ourselves. Eventually, we were convinced: there was no universal solution on the market, something that would be super easy to use and adopt.
Our idea was to create an ultimately simple and user friendly “physical” time tracker to replace 100+ existing mobile and desktop apps – all that claim too much of our energy and focus. This is how we came up with TimeFlip – an app-powered dodecahedron with a tiny accelerometer inside that can always tell which way it’s sitting and records the time. All you do to operate it is flip it around so the side corresponding to what you’re doing is up; the chip inside sends a signal over Bluetooth to an app on your phone. All types of activities/tasks can be tracked, for example: time spent per project/client/process or an activity or concrete work task (testing, reporting, accounting, etc). All collected time statistics is stored in the cloud, visualized in the app or web interface and is available for export. Activities or tasks may be prioritized or set billable (in desired currency) for invoicing.

Traction: TimeFlip is already on the market and has found over 4500 clients worldwide as of Feb 2019. We have signed distribution agreements in USA, UAE and Russia and are preparing similar in France and Germany. TimeFlip is certified by CE, FCC and TRA and has registered own trademark.

Plans: While the first version of TiemFlip was focusing more on B2C market, after collecting positive customer feedback we are building a PRO version that will suit best corporate markets and allow for easy integrations with 3rd party software. On top of that we are planning to build a strong ML-enabled data analytics system to actually advice people and teams on right productivity patterns in order to reach best performance. For that purpose we are currently looking for a next seed-level funding round. Our deck: https://www.slideshare.net/PavelCheshev1/timeflip-pitch-deck-feb-2019

Website: https://timeflip.io/
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Headquarters: European Union (EU)
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Dmitry Starodubtsev, Igor Kovalev, Pavel Cheshev