Our software products provide a business planning solution for a broad population of business owners to engage with their results, ask questions, set assumptions and build integrated financial reports. Based on innovative core technologies, our tools dramatically reduce the complexity, inflexibility and expense associated with traditional business budgeting and forecasting systems. We aim to make our products universal and as deeply-rooted in the workplace as spreadsheets are today. By putting powerful, self-service modeling technology directly into the hands of people who make decisions with data, we seek to accelerate the pace of informed and intelligent decision making process. Whether you want to develop a budget, understand your financials, or value your business, PlanGuru is there to help you unlock powerful insights, quickly and easily.

Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: Wilkes Barre, PA
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888.822.6300
Founder: Edward Wielage, Sally Sprankle