Finflux is a cloud lending platform to accelerate lending business transformation. Our vision is to create affordable and equitable financial access to individuals and businesses around the world. Finflux cloud includes a comprehensive suite of products that help manage the entire loan lifecycle. Our product offering provides loan origination, loan management, financial accounting, marketplace integration, app-based lending, alternative data-based credit scoring, dashboards, reporting and analytics.
Finflux customers include non-banking financial institutions (NBFC), Microfinance, SACCOs, Banks, FIs, Fintechs, Business Correspondents, Aggregators in the origination process, Agent networks and many more. We enable financial institutions to stay ahead in their business by providing next-generation digitisation, workflow automation and secure lending products.
Today, 60+ global financial institutions trust our products. We serve about 6+ million borrowers with an active loan portfolio of $9 billion. We have travelled a great path of trust with our customers across 15 countries and secured two international awards in the service.
We are a cloud-native platform and empower the field workforce to make the right lending decisions. Finflux cloud comes with many must-have integrations and marketplace nexus to improve the time to market. We have the vision to democratise lending so that people could borrow loans to realise their dream. We keep our platform intuitive so that lenders can offer product experiences that are easy to use for their borrowers. Having a simple platform also helps us in focusing more on our customers and their happiness.
Finflux offers flexible, usage-based pricing to its customers.

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 9015 500 500
Founder: Ashok Auty, Nayan Ambali, Vishwas Babu A.J