Tickmark’s flagship application, Taxfyle, was launched in 2015 as the “easiest way to file your taxes”. Considered the #1 tax app in the Apple Store for four tax seasons in a row, Taxfyle has revolutionized the world of accounting and more specifically tax preparation.

Whether you’re an individual looking to file your taxes or an accounting firm looking to outsource tens of thousands of returns to domestic tax professionals, Taxfyle’s apps and APIs connect you with the right accountants to meet your needs.

Through Worklayer we bring together more than 4,000 licensed accountants and scale for any need our client base has. This augmented workforce drives a powerful accounting solution for individuals and small businesses, domestic outsourcing for accounting firms, and value-added services for channel partners and marketplaces.

Industry: Accounting
Headquarter: Miami, Florida
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]