We provide small and medium enterprises, retailers and craftsmen with an all-in-one integrated solution to manage their business end-to-end: ERP, Inventory, CRM, Invoicing, Human Resources, Projects and Collaboration tools, E-commerce, Website, Point of Sale, Email Marketing and more.

Our software is tailored to the needs of the micro and smallbusinesses: – it features an intuitive interface so that anyone can use it – it is on the cloud so no need to invest in any IT infrastructure – can be purchased as a monthly subscription starting from 9,90€ – can be activated in just one minute via Takobi’s website
With TAKOBI, all entrepreneurs can: – simplify and manage more efficiently their business thanks to optimized business processes and remote collaboration tools. – monitor their business results and get real time reports and analysis on their sales, expenses, inventory, etc. – grow their business through online sales and marketing tools such as mass mailing, surveys, etc.

Website: https://takobi.online/
Industry: Accounting
Headquarters: Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Mario Riva, Michael Baldassarre