The Accounter

The Pain: Every company needs accounting. We are targeting the majority of any market which are micro and small companies which do not have access to affordable quality accounting. They require updated accounting books and filing for VAT returns, but are unable to afford full-time accountants and cannot rely on freelancers. Accounting solutionsavailable in the market today (like Quickbooks, Freshbooks etc) require an accountant or someone with some accounting background to operate those apps, investing extra time, efforts and resources into them. This is difficult for most companies, especially SMEs and Startups in this area. The Solution: Users of The Accounter app will only upload pictures of their bills/ invoices and the AI system will take care of it via OCR and machine learning enabled system. We have a 3-level of cloud registered accountants with us, Data entry accountant (to be replaced by OCR), Maker Accountant, Checker Accountant, & Reviewer Accountant. In the future, we aim to minimize the need for cloud accountants as the system achieves the required level of machine learning. We aim to be the number one Mobile App as an accounting solution for startups, micro, and small companies.

Industry: Accounting
Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +9 7 1 58 58 730 82
Founder: Fadi Elghattis