Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is an inventory management system for small and medium-sized businesses. It is fully compatible with QuickBooks accounting software, and it is the most-requested application by QuickBooks users.

Fishbowl helps companies track product manufacturing, movement, location and sales to increase efficiency and reduce supply-chainproblems. It improves inventory accuracy through barcode software and hardware.
Fishbowl Manufacturing helps manufacturers create multilevel bills of materials and work orders. Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse lets wholesalers, distributors and retailers pick, pack and ship products quickly. It also allows them to constantly update their database so they know how much inventory they have on hand and when they need to order more.

Fishbowl Inventory is a private company based in Orem, Utah. Many of its clients use its software in conjunction with their existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks. But others, such as Boeing, NASA and the U.S. Army, use Fishbowl Inventory as a standalone inventory management tool.

Fishbowl provides the #1 requested manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks! If you run a SMB, check out Fishbowl! Some of the most popular features include:

-Multi-location Inventory Management
-QuickBooks Integration
-Work Orders
-Bill of Materials
-Production Stages
-Barcode Tracking
-Order Management
-Serial and Lot Number Tracking
-Asset Tracking

Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: Orem, Utah
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800-774-7085
Founder: David K. Williams