Digital Revisor

We work to make tax and annual reports easy for you. We enable you to follow the legislation, create annual reports, calculate the tax and report to the authorities by creating accessible and fast online tools. Why does it have to be so difficult and time-consuming to report to the authorities and prepare annual reports? We believe in a system where the time-consuming and manual processes are automated. That’s why we’ve started Digital Revisor, which is a tool that automates the creation of annual reports, so you can spend your time on your own business or on tasks that provide greater value to your clients. Users on Digital Revisor have already created more than 13,000 annual reports and tax returns. Our dream is to contribute to a cheaper and stress-free work process in the future.

Industry: Accounting
Headquarters: Åbyhøj, Århus, Midtjylland
Type: For Profit
Phone: 53694142
Founder: Niels Dahl