Building the next-generation transport management system, our tech platform is aimed at taking advantage of machine learning, geospatial analytics, and mobile and cloud computing to make the process of shipping a car as streamlined as possible for all parties involved!

Unlike other transport companies, Autosled is a technology company first. We’re out to break the status quo in the car shipping industry by injecting tech to increase efficiency and transparency. We don’t just move cars from A to B, we remove obstructions that arise between A and B. We are making the shipping process a seamless experience for everyone at every stage.

And unlike other tech companies, we’re hands-on during the process of shipping your car. Autosled is a licensed broker with a dedicated operations team for support at every turn. We assign real-life representatives to our shipping partners to make sure needs are being met. Our network of transporters always have live support ready to help and we are building amazing relationships with them every day.

Every business in the industry has our tools available at their fingertips. Our dealer dashboard cuts out the overwhelming amount of operational hours that dealerships spend managing logistics. Our transporter app makes it easier for car carriers to fill their trailers and deliver stress-free, regardless if the company has 50 different drivers or is an owner operator with a single truck.

Our environmentally-friendly business model is a win for sustainability. Optimizing trailer loads, truck routes and eliminating empty runs as much as possible reduces emissions across American highways. And our diverse, multilingual staff gives us the flexibility to grow in a booming auto transport market.

Autosled is changing the vehicle logistics game!

Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage
Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-728-8675
Founder: Dan Sperau, David Sperau, Kimani Clark