DemandBridge’s comprehensive platforms deliver technology solutions designed to solve unique business challenges. The DemandBridge platforms have several components to accomplish your marketing and business goals; it boasts end-to-end solutions connecting powerful accounting, operations and inventory management systems with the industry’s leading multi-channel brand management portals. These complemented by a web-based procurement solution built from the vision of professionals who know the industry from all angles.

With more than 4 million registered users and 10,000 brands across the retail, healthcare, franchise, financial, energy, and non-profit verticals, the DemandBridge plat­form allows distributors to service customers on many aspects of their marketing and sales efforts—from hard goods to full digital distribution of their content. Our platform is fully integrated, and enables users to expedite many of the time consuming tasks associated with marketing through an easy-to-navigate interface tailored to brand stan­dards. This helps build relationships and add value for your customers, and in turn makes you their trusted partner.

Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: Hunt Valley, Maryland
Type: For Profit
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Phone: 800 448 1484