Zhidou is a joint venture founded by Geely Holding Group, XDY Machinery and Electronics Group and GSR Ventures. It now has a registered capital of RMB 1.1 billion, more than 2,600 employees, 176 domestic applied patents, 5 invention patents, and 10 software copyrights. In 2016, it won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award.ZHIDOU introduces the Micro-Traveling concept in the industry, and its core product, ZHIDOU pure electric vehicles, are precisely positioned as “urban pure electric vehicles for Micro-Traveling” and emerge as a new force in the new energy automotive market of China.
Today, by fully integrating the resources of the three co-founders in R&D, manufacturing, systematic operation, and capital operation, ZHIDOU has built an “urban micro-traveling ecosphere” that covers R&D, production, sales, and operation of electric vehicles.

A handy tool makes a handy man. Over 10 years, ZHIDOU has grown and transformed. Starting from positive R&D and design, integrating global resources, based in the headquarters in Ninghai, and relying on the R&D centers in Italy, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin and the production bases in Lanzhou, Jinan, Yinan, and Ninghai, ZHIDOU has developed a global R&D and technological innovation organization system and a modern manufacturing pattern to build lightweight, miniaturized, intelligent and interconnected micro pure electric vehicles for users and promote ecological changes in transportation.

ZHIDOU is a new force in the field of new energy vehicles. It embarks on the road of new energy and environmental protection with responsibility and quality; it leads the development of Micro-Traveling fueled by new energy with specialization and persistence. After entering the domestic market in May 2014, ZHIDOU has quickly been recognized in the market and favored by consumers due to its precise positioning, affordability, smart and convenient body design, and outstanding environmental protection and safety performance.

By June 2017, it had sold more than 72,000 vehicles, accounting for 6% of domestic new energy vehicle market and 15% of the pure electric passenger vehicles segment. Since 2012, ZHIDOU has left its footprint in 15 countries: Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Marston, Austria, Brazil, South Korea and Colombia. Its domestic and overseas promotion efforts paid off. In Italy, as the only designated vehicle of Share’N GO’ s vehicle sharing project, ZHIDOU boosted the improvement of traffic ecology in Europe and became one of the independent brand benchmarks in the international market.

At present, new changes have occurred to the traveling mode. ZHIDOU keeps up with the times and creatively proposes the concept of Micro-Traveling that focuses on solving the traveling demand in the last kilometer of urban traffic. Carrying with the mission of building electric vehicles that lead the era, ZHIDOU works with upstream and downstream partners in the fields of finance, capital, IT, intelligence, and the Internet of things to build a symbiotic, mutually complementary, and regenerative eco-big data platform of Micro-Traveling in the industry community that involves people, vehicles, roads, and traveling. It has become a reformer and revolutionary of future urban transportation.

Website: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/zhidou
Industry: Transportation
Type: For Profit
Founder: Wenguang Bao