At Xolo, our mission is to make starting and running a modern microbusiness 10 times easier. Xolopreneurs can save up to 162 working hours a year on business administration so they can focus on running an awesome one-person business.

Xolo saves you time and money by making the hard parts of business like banking, accounting, and tax easy.

We help you manage your independent business from anywhere and free you from the costs and confusion of running a traditional business so you can go faster and further.

You get all you need to run your business remotely – from day one. Our all-in-one service gives you all the tools to do business and get paid, without all the usual effort required.

Starting your business with Xolo won’t take much time. And you won’t need a stack of paperwork. Our streamlined sign-up and business registration make things as easy as possible. Our dashboard brings accounting and banking together so you can access it anywhere, receive money into your Xolo account, and make payments from the same account.

You also spend less time on your company finances as annual reports are written for you and our in-house AI keeps your accounting in order. Our accounting team are so good, you’ll even think they’re magic.

Website: http://www.xolo.io/
Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: City Centre, Harjumaa
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Avo Alender, Erik Mell, Erko Hansar, Urmo Pärg