Yubi is the world’s first possibility platform powering the discovery, investment, fulfilment of credit.
We are re-defining global debt markets by freeing the flow of finance between borrowers, lenders, and investors.
Yubi stands for ubiquitous, being present wherever our customers need us. From being a disruptor in India’s debt market to marching towards global corporate markets, we will unlock greatness together.

We are on a mission to deepen and power the $120 Trillion global enterprise debt market which would unlock a GDP multiplier and thus, create massive economic value.

The Yubi product suite is leading the empowerment of small, medium, and large enterprises on one side, and growing a healthy loan book for the larger Banking ecosystem on the other. As a debt platform for enterprises, lenders and investors, we offer the most comprehensive bouquet of debt products. Our suite of product offerings ensures that as a participant in the debt market – you find just what you are looking for!

We believe that access to prudent finance is the right of all global citizens and that is what drives all of us here at Yubi. The future of finance starts here, propelled by technology, transparency, and mutual trust.

Join us on this journey to #MakeGreatHappen.

Website: https://www.go-yubi.com/
Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Type: For Profit
Phone: 7551011540
Founder: Gaurav Kumar