Wrebit is revolutionizing the administration of sole traders through the market’s only complete accounting and invoicing software in one app. With a user-friendly design, advanced AI and machine learning, Wrebit creates a user experience that inspires sole proprietors to interact with the app in a smart and simple way, completely free. At the same time, Wrebit is an AI-based lead-generated marketplace for business partners, with connected large companies such as Danske Bank, Telenor, Unionen, Zettle and others. Wrebit has found an effective way to create more sales for Sweden’s 1 million sole proprietors and at the same time make their everyday life easier. The business model is a Marketplace where services from different companies and industries are mediated directly at the moment the need arises. With a customer base that has doubled in the last year, Wrebit has a strong customer presence by being a complete app – which creates proximity to customers in a completely different way than is possible with traditional desktop solutions. The customer presence enables analysis of the company, communication of targeted offers, call to action and behavioral influence – all in real time.

Website: http://www.wrebit.se
Industry: Software Development
Type: For Profit
Phone: 559046-4318
Founder: David Wengbrand