About SmartLunch

SmartLunch helps big companies to organize meals for their employees at the workplace. We are helping manage the process of co-financing meals by the employer as a benefit. Right now, we cooperate with 482 companies, delivering lunches to about 65 000 employees in Poland. In 2021 we doubled the number of meals we serve every day -from 14 thousand to 28 thousand each day. We specialize in blue-collar factories. We know the specifics of this niche, and we know how to get close big names here. Some of our customers are Mercedes-Benz, Henkel, Skanska, Deichmann, Maspex, Polpharma, Atlas, Revolut, Leroy Merlin, Geberit, Bombardier, Stock, Tikurilla. We founded the company in 2014. Our headquarter is in Wrocław, Poland. We serve companies throughout Poland and have customers in all voivodeships.
The business model

Employees can order meals from a variety of local restaurants. SmartLunch revenues come from commissions charged on the sale of meals. The SmartLuch application is free for companies. Employees can order food via Android, iOS, website, or electronic kiosks we install on the company premises. We help restaurants set up their menu – prices, weekly and daily diversity of dishes, stats – what people buy and what should be removed from the menu. We are in the daily order business (instead of weekend or evening pizza) – mainly breakfast and lunch. The average worker is placing an order in SmartLunch for 15 out of 21 working days during a month. It used to be 3 out of 21 when we started, but we know precisely how to build a habit of eating daily at the workplace.


SmartLunch operates mainly in factories and warehouses. Our customers are located primarily in the economic zones, in the suburbs of medium and big cities. The end-user is a skilled blue-collar worker. Our customers are mainly big international companies. Ease of accounting of the co-funding, as well as precisely timed deliveries, are critical. We stamp all orders, so there’s no fuss for employees looking for their meal. In Poland, there are 3 million such employees. We are serving meals to 60 thousand, which is 2% of the whole addressable market in Poland. We see an employee well-being trend and turning into non-wage benefits that contribute to improving working conditions. More and more companies are giving up building high-cost canteens, opting for flexible food ordering. Mainly because it’s cheaper and more flexible – you can have more than one food operator, and you can change them as often as you like.

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Headquarters: Wrocław, Woj. Dolnośląskie
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 48-515-162-005
Founder: Mateusz Tałpasz