REBEAT Digital

The REBEAT Digital software allows every musician, label or producer to release and to distribute songs digitally worldwide on a cheap and easy basis.

The concept is very simple: The author just has to install REBEAT Digital to his computer, register and upload his tracks to the REBEAT data servers, which in return are cross-linked with more than300 download stores worldwide, among them iTunes, Amazon, Musicload, Napster, Spotify, Nokia and many more. Global agreements secure the proper return of all download data and fees. The whole process is plain and transparent – not only in the handling, but also when it comes to accounting.
Beside taking care of distribution issues, REBEAT Digital also offer digital music sampling to media partners: Radio and TV stations can sign up for the brand new Media Promotion Service (MPS) to get access to REBEAT Digital’s content catalogue (currently more than 100,000 tracks) and download songs fitting their programs – including all meta data and additional promotion information!

Industry: Product/service
Headquarters: European Union (EU)
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +43 2272 61892
Founder: Guenter Loibl