Orderry is an all-in-one solution is specifically designed for offline small businesses.
Easy-to-use service management software in the cloud is developed to optimize and automate business processes saving time and money.
– Work order management;
– Inventory management;
– Communication with customers, buyers, and suppliers;
– Keeping cash accounting;
– Individual payroll calculation;
– Sales management;
– Creating finance, inventory and work order reports;
– Apps for managers and field workers.

Orderry aggregates all the crucial metrics of your business on a single page for you to see a bigger picture. The service also provides you with a convenient reporting system, so you can regularly check the figures.

– All orders are displayed in a single table, with statuses including pending, under repair, ready, and issued, and users can search for orders by order number, customer name, device name, or customer phone number.
– Integrate Orderry with IP-telephony to see customer cards on incoming calls, and automatically record and log all calls.
– The stock of spare parts and merchandise can be managed, with users able to post, write off, and transfer items between workshop stocks. Orderry stock take feature allows you to find all the inventory problems.
– Any transaction which involves a withdrawal of funds or receipts is automatically recorded, and reports can be generated containing complete financial records.
– Technician reports allow users to calculate wages for specified time periods, and users can specify the percentage of the value of each completed order to be deducted as wages if employees are paid for piecework.
– Clients can be either automatically or manually notified by SMS when orders have been done.

Website: https://orderry.com/
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Headquarters: London
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Mykhaylo Khokhulya, Oleg Stepanyuk