Omie was founded in 2013, with the purpose of bringing prosperity to any business, offering an innovative, complete and unlimited management system, taking the desire for the transformation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in its DNA. Since then, the company and its more than 1.400 employees have been results-oriented, always looking for the best solutions for their customers. We are anchored in three main pillars to guide our growth strategy: management through software, education, with Omie.Academy, the educational arm of the company that offers continuous professional training to entrepreneurs free of charge. And Finance, with access to financial services with much lower costs and solutions to support the management of SMEs. We are looking for professionals capable of further enhancing results, within an organizational culture that values ​​trust, transparency and loyalty between teams, partners and customers. People with a growth mindset, highly valuing profiles that are adaptable, collaborative and motivated by innovation and continuous learning. Come with us on this journey!

Industry: Software Development
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 942 7592
Founder: Marcelo Lombardo