Norma offers solutions in finance, pre-accounting and financial consultancy on a single platform to everyone who manages their own business. Develops products and services specifically for the needs of the users to support their company to grow.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, doctors, lawyers, real estate consultants, pharmacists, in short, anyone who runs their own business can easily manage their business with Norma. You can make financial transactions with a free Norma Business Account and also you can make your business expenses anywhere in the world with the assurance of Visa.

Money transfers, cash flow management, current account tracking, automatic payment, e-Invoice, expense management and many more features that will make things easier for your business are in Norma.

Financial management of existing companies can be easily transferred to Norma, or support can be obtained from Norma’s financial advisors to effortlessly establish a new company.

Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
Type: For Profit
Founder: Hakan Ali Gonca