Manolete Partners

MANOLETE PARTNERS PLC – Expert Funding for Complex Litigation.
Manolete Partners PLC is the UK’s leading insolvency litigation financing company.

Manolete was founded in 2009 by its CEO, Steven Cooklin, a UK Chartered Accountant. Having completed investments over 700 specialist insolvency cases, we are renowned for our unparalleled knowledge of the Insolvency & Recovery sector. We work alongside IPs from all of the ‘Big Four’​ through to one and two partner specialist practices in the regions. Case values range from £20k to £70m. HSBC bank provides Manolete with a £25m revolving credit facility, giving us the financial muscle to support claims.

Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: London, England
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Steven Cooklin