FOREX Strategies

FOREX Strategies is a technology company specializing in financial products and services offered to businesses that are required to transact in the foreign exchange trading market (FOREX) in order to meet their contractual obligations.

FXS has filled the distinct gap between technology available and technology applied in this huge market space.FXS is in multiple languages and adds real-time accounting, price alerts, and client and vendor contract tools to assist the tens of millions of bona fide hedgers world-wide.
Price is also a major feature of FXS. The Bloomberg terminal is $2,000 per month plus applicable exchange fees and Thompson Reuters fully loaded version of the downloadable Eikon system costs $1,800 per month plus applicable exchange fees while FXS is just $30 per month plus applicable exchange fees. Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters make up a combined 91% of the market quoting systems currently in use.

FXS makes real-time currency quotes affordable at just $360 per year for millions of traders around the globe, as well as the tens of millions of bona fide hedgers worldwide that simply could not afford over $20,000 per year. Millions of new bona fide hedgers start up each year, FXS will be their primary resource for monitoring their FOREX risk. There are tens of millions of Bonafide hedgers around the world who make up approximately $1 trillion a day in currency transactions. For these bona fide hedgers the FXS low prices, mobile portability, and bona fide hedger specific tools will make FXS a natural business evolutionary tool, a modern-day abacus (an ancient mathematical device that revolutionized the world.

Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Western US
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Samuel Berger