Mobile-first, global financial management and accounting platform. SaaS. API and data engine for lenders, banks, fintech providers.

Fiskl is a mobile-first financial management platform for self-employed and micro-SMEs globally. Fiskl is purpose-built for mobile and focused on the needs of the business owners and not their accountants. Available on the web and tablet as well, the platform gives entrepreneurs a suite of rich and intuitive features they need to manage all theirday to day finances. Fiskl supports 153 currencies, 60 invoice languages, and is used by customers in 120 countries.

> Fiskl SaaS product offered as a value add to retain/attract SME customers and gain financial insight on their business > Fiskl APIs used to rapidly build or extend “beyond banking” digital capabilities (online, mobile) for micro-SMEs > Fiskl’s real-time financial data & forecasting used to drive lending, invoice factoring and cash management (with custom bank reporting and integrations) > Fiskl’s platform used to drive payment revenues from invoices generated (if the bank has its own payments system) or to extend PoS digital capabilities

Industry: Software Development
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Alina Lapusneanu, Monica Burian, Shawn Vader