At EvoAId we are working along 3 mission statements. We are data driven, multisectoral and socially responsible. The best framework for our missions to be achieved is the smart city where loads of information including images, texts, and time-varying data is generated. To process and handle this data synergistically we have built a comprehensive IT infrastructure which consists of AI based computer vision, natural language processing and sequential data analysis and the dedicated software and hardware environment.
Our innovative solutions address the action fields of smart living, mobility and economy.
Guarding Beats addresses the smart living action field, within that the safety and care especially for elderly. It offers affordable way of fall detection with higher accuracy and requires a smartphone only.
Tracking Vibe addresses the field of smart mobility and offers edge computing for Real-Time road quality and defect detection and co2 concentration logging and mapping system.
Accounting Swish addresses the smart economy field and offers automated solutions for document processing and payroll based on Hungarian regulation.
EvoAId is involved in a international R&D which is being realized in an international consortium with Hugarian, Austrian and Portugal institutions. https://aph-alarm-project.com/index.php/en/

Website: https://www.evoaid.com/en/home/
Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: Budapest
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 36208044744
Founder: Bálint Gyires-Tóth, Csaba Danyi, Gergo Attila Nagy, Géza Németh