Common Ledger

Common Ledger was born in April 2013 when Drew saw an opportunity arise for a ‘common ledger’ after developing a solution to translate Point of Sale data into one format. Drew discovered the same data needed to be sent to accounting systems that varied as much as the diverse Point of Sale software. For years Vince was a client responsiblefor campaigns created by the digital media agency where Drew was the technical lead. In this chaotic environment of media agencies and campaigns Drew and Vince managed to build a solid relationship which flourished beyond employment. Thus began the founding Common Ledger team.
Later, Brendan a chartered accountant joined Drew and Vince to bring his industry knowledge, number crunching and strategy.

Finaly, Carlos Chambers then came aboard wearing the Operations, Legals and Commercials hats and completing the team’s fundamental skill-set.

The team have since created something many businesses and accountants desperately need, solving a problem they are unable to find a solution to.

Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Wellington, New Zealand
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6421519711
Founder: Carlos Chambers