Column Tax

Our mission at Column Tax is to democratize access to financial help and meaningfully improve people’s lives by providing game-changing tax solutions. Today, high net worth individuals in the United States have teams of accountants and lawyers to help them avoid taxes, while in the same country, 3/4 of Americans don’t have access to any financial or tax advice. Over 100M adults in the US report that they would not have the funds to cover a $1,000 emergency bill. It’s not right. And Column Tax is fixing it.

We’re creating year-round, API-first tax products that live in the financial apps people are already using every day. An accountant in every person’s pocket.

That is the future we are building at Column Tax.

Industry: Software Development
Type: For Profit
Founder: Gavin Nachbar, Michael R Bock, Shehan Chandrasekera