Silo is on a mission to revolutionize the wholesale produce supply chain through technology. Our vision is to bring efficiency and transparency to all stakeholders, and reduce waste in all forms and in all parts of the supply chain. Our customers run essential businesses and deserve software that enables them to sustainably grow and evolve their operations – and we’re committed to providing it.

Silo is a mission-critical cloud software platform. Our features are built to optimize purchasing, selling, inventory management, vendor/customer management, accounting, reporting, packing, and logistics — Silo’s technology spans the breadth of our customer’s businesses. Our customers are growers, packers, distributors, and many others, located throughout the US.

Founded in 2018 in the Bay Area, Silo expanded to all of California and New York City in 2020. Now in early 2021, we’re in Washington and Pennsylvania. Between 2020-2021, our team tripled in size and is now located across the globe, with employees in Pakistan, Poland, Germany, and the U.K. Thanks to our amazing teams, Silo raised a Series A in 2019 and a Series B in 2021 from committed investment partners like A16Z, Initialized, and Haystack Silo’s funding comes from seasoned investors with portfolios that span well known fintech, SaaS, and marketplace companies.

Co-founders Ashton Braun and Antonio Bustamante share a strong and successful history together. Previously part of a founding team at another start-up, they joined forces again to rebuild the agricultural supply chain with Silo. Ashton and Antonio are committed to building a mission driven company where people love to work and grow together.
Our focus on building impactful software comes from the direct work our teams do with our users in their warehouses, back offices, and even overnight. Our team is hands-on, passionate, motivated, collaborative, and fun — and growing! If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you.

Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 925-272-8626
Founder: Antonio Bustamante, Ashton Braun, Chia-ying Jackie Lee