Regen Network

Regen Network Development, Inc is a full-stack blockchain software development company best known for our deployment of Regen Ledger and the set of tools used for Regen Network.

Regen Network is a community of actors engaging with ecological regeneration, ecological monitoring, verification, distributed computing, and technology development, centered around Regen Ledger. Network members track specific changes in land, oceans, and watersheds. By improving our understanding of ecosystems and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, Regen Network catalyzes the regeneration of the earth’s ecosystems.

Using distributed ledger technology, satellite remote sensing, and Ecological State Protocols, Regen Network monitors on-the-ground conditions and generates trusted attestations about the ecological state. Regen Network provides an open platform designed specifically to run diverse applications such as Regenerative Carbon Credits, Supply Chain Transparency, Reforestation Monitoring, and investment vehicles such as Ecological Bonds. There may be nothing of more critical importance than the regeneration of global ecosystems. Regen Network brings together the tools and communities needed to incentivize actions aligned with planetary health.

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Industry: Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing
Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Gregory Landua