We innovates the language learning with our AI-based personalization technology and sharing learner’s and teacher’s free time.

Language learning’s biggest problem is still “Continuity”.

We solve it with our “Interest based matching”.

We believe “Like” continues you to learn, which improves your skill.

Our strength is “Technology”, “Contents” and “Sharing teachers and learners time”.
You can learn with personalized learning, favorite contents and favorite person.

Technology: patent-pending proprietary “Adaptive Learning” technology based on (AI – machine learning) with user’s study log data which optimizes “Interest”, “Difficulty”, and “Frequency” for each person.

Contents: News articles, Books, Music, conversation contents based on actual daily life. We have already had partnership with TechCrunch, Tech in Asia, BBC world, Obunsha and others as contents partners.

Sharing teachers and learners time: We have language communication platform like Uber and Tinder like UI. Everyone can be language teacher with just smartphone. We dramatically reduce costs of acquisition teachers. And we also use AI technology for matching students and teachers.

We have 2 products. one is POLYGLOTS – English learning App, and another is MONDO – Japanese learning App.
The apps have these features.
– Reading news articles with one tap dictionary and smart scrolling
– Listening
– Word study
– Chat & Talk with teachers and other learners, Learning with music.

Website: https://www.polyglots.net/
Industry: E-Learning Providers
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-503-154-0451
Founder: Junya Yamaguchi