MySky is an independent expert in private aviation that empowers jet owners and operators across the globe by providing them with a revolutionary financial controlling and benchmarking tool that brings transparency and order to the industry. Using artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, and machine learning, MySky’s innovative IT platform is able to collect, digitize, verify, analyse and store all financial information and offers instant access to the information that matters. This ensures that financial management of a private jet becomes more timely and cost effective.

MySky offers Swiss standards in terms of efficiency, system security and data confidentiality. It is privately owned and totally independent, which prevents it from being influenced by any market player and allows total commitment to its mission: to revolutionize jet ownership through technology and expertise.

Industry: Airlines and Aviation
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +41 22 575 25 54
Founder: Christopher Marich, Kirill Kim