Front Ventures

Front Venture is an investment company with a focus on Fintech. The portfolio’s largest investments today include o, Vopy, Blockchain Voucher, QuickBit, Connax and PayFunc

By being a committed owner and contributing both strategic expertise and making operational improvements, Front Venture creates the conditions for value growth in its investments.

FrontOffice Nordic’s B share has been listed on the NGM Nordic MTF trading platform since May 19, 2016.

Front Office provides a full service to companies with temporary financial problems. The business is focused on helping companies associated companies reconstructions. Front Office model includes advice in areas such as enterprise, accounting, legal, marketing and sales. Operations are conducted primarily through its subsidiary Swedish Companyreorganization AB.
Front Office has developed a technology platform that identifies potential clients at an early stage. Early identification in combination with a balanced advice have been key factors to 65% of the Front Office corporate restructuring has been successful, which meant that 82 companies and 1018 jobs have been saved in three years.

Industry: Banking
Headquarters: Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Type: For Profit
Founder: Johan Lund