Forecast management cloud service “DIGGLE”

DIGGLE is a service that provides fundamental management accounting management on the cloud called fraud management. It is possible to reduce the mistakes and man-hours of the fraud management task and easily carry out the fraud management task even if it is not an expert in finance or accounting.

DIGGLE covers budget creation work and budgetrecord comparison work, especially in the foreman management work. In the budget creation work, the KPI and the budget are automatically created by inputting the target numerical value to the preset parameters utilizing the budget generator function, while the forecast contrasting work is made up of the financial information, non-financial information It is easy to calculate by simply entering the numerical value, and it is possible to carry out calculation of the forecast contrast.

Website: https://diggle.jp/
Type: For Profit
Founder: Mizukami Shun, Yamamoto Kiyotaka