Clause provides the technology for digital, connected, contracting.

Businesses increasingly choose technology-first systems and workflows for ease, efficiency, and speed. However, contracts are often managed separately to these critical enterprise systems, generating significant inefficiencies and costs. Even the most simple contract costs around $7,000 during its lifecycle.

Your contracts should be a source of value, not a burden. We envision a future where your contracts can provide you with their current state, can be analyzed and queried in real-time, and can control and manage digital assets.

When we started Clause we wanted to enable agreements, and specific clauses within those agreements, to be written in a way that they could verify data in real time and trigger actions like notifications and payments. DocuSign has been a partner and investor and now we’re excited to join DocuSign to bring our vision to even more businesses.

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Industry: Technology, Information and Internet
Headquarters: New York
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Dan Selman, Houman Shadab, Peter Hunn