Breeze Technology

Breeze Technology provides a full range of information technology and intermediary services relating to the implementation of the operations of payment for goods and services within electronic and mobile commerce using a variety of funding sources, including credit cards, electronic money, mobile phones, etc.

The company provides informationinteraction merchants with payment systems.
The use of proven techniques and modern technology allows customers to greatly reduce costs and ensure the completeness and timeliness of payments with payment systems. The Company undertakes maintenance contracts, implementation of protocols payment systems, accounting for transactions of payment, the formation of accounting documents, payment.

Breeze Technology focuses on the development of technologies of remote payment for goods and services using credit cards and mobile phones as payment instruments.

“Breeze Technology” is the operator for the implementation of e-tickets in St. Petersburg and participated in the project “Plantain” implemented by the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State University “Transport Organizer.”

Industry: E-Commerce
Headquarters: Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation
Type: For Profit