Bofink is a Mortgage Credit Institute (license from SFSA) that offers mortgages to Young professionals (post-secondary education). We have developed a unique credit regulation based on machine learning / neural network that forecasts future salary development, which means that we can lend enough to buy a one room apartment in all of Sweden’s cities. Today, a newly graduated university or college student can not buy a one in the 20 largest cities in Sweden. In Stockholm, we offer mortgages with a starting salary of SEK 29K / month compared with traditional banks that require SEK 39K / month. Here we capture the majority of all recent graduates and create a new market we call “future prime” in between “prime” and “Sub-prime”-segment. Mortgages are offered from 2.89-4 % and are therefore more attractive to investors than traditional low-yield mortgages.

Throughout smart and smoother lending without taking on more risk, Bofink helps the young entering the housing market, reduce exclusion, ensures adequate, safe and affordable housing and growing welfare of the today excluded young population. Bofink thereby fullfil many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals such as Responsible-, Social-, financial inclusion and impact.

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet
Headquarters: Stockholm
Type: For Profit
Email: [email protected]
Founder: Joachim Ronneback, Petter Aronsson