Blue Onion Labs

Blue Onion Labs helps finance and accounting teams trace and reconcile order transactions to create a single source of truth. Often, different teams use different numbers for key business metrics, which makes it challenging to trace a transaction through every system. Blue Onion Labs’ software provides the benefits of an ERP without the cost of a traditional implementation — starting with order-to-cash reconciliation for consumer companies.

✔︎ Who we work with:
Finance and accounting teams at ecommerce companies who are looking to reduce time to close, eliminate manual and time-consuming order reconciliations and increase visibility into revenue and cash transactions.

✔︎ Here’s what we do:
We automatically match and reconcile order transactions across multiple systems – order systems, payment processors and bank accounts. We create a clear audit trail, automatically generate journal entries and make sure you’re getting paid for every transaction.

✔︎ A few of our clients include:
Leading ecommerce brands like Faherty Brands, Draper James, Buffy and Fracture.

✔︎ Interested in learning more?
Book a meeting with the team at or send us an email at [email protected].

Industry: Software Development
Headquarters: New York, NY
Type: For Profit
Founder: Charles M., Lyndsey Bunting