Amlat, LLC Overview

Amlat was incorporated as Wonder Milk, Inc. in the State of Wisconsin in December, 2012 and was converted to a limited liability company, Amlat, LLC in July, 2013. For trademark registration both in US and China, the company will use the “Amlat” trademark instead of “Wonder Milk.”

Amlat, LLC’s operations will be locatedin the north-central United States city of Monroe, Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s economy is primarily driven by manufacturing and agriculture with manufacturing accounting for approximately 20% of the state’s domestic product. Wisconsin is second in U.S. milk production, following California. Amlat, LLC will be constructing a manufacturing plant to produce dairy-based powdered infant formula, primarily for export to China. The total initial proposed investment for the Amlat, LLC project is $39.8 million USD.

Headquarters: Great Lakes, Midwestern US
Type: For Profit